Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) Platform

CrossWater is a charitable donor-advised funds (DAF) platform that functions like a charitable savings account. 

Each donor creates their own DAF, contributes cash or various illiquid assets and makes recommendations as to how those assets are to be managed and distributed.

Advisory Privilege

While each DAF account holder maintains ‘advisory privilege’ over their donated assets, ownership of all donated assets passes to CrossWater. 

This ownership transfer provides for greater, more unique opportunities for giving and can protect a donor’s identity.

U.S. Donors

For U.S. donors, CrossWater has established an equivalency determination with several U.S. foundations, including TrustBridge Global Foundation & Impact Foundation.

This enables U.S. donors to receive a charitable tax deduction and transfer their charitable assets to CrossWater, reducing the restrictions of U.S. regulatory compliance and tax.

Global Donors

For Global Donors, CrossWater provides charitable asset protection through a unique and cost effective charitable giving platform, as an alternative to creating and operating their own private family trust or foundation